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What is the meaning of criticize in Hindi?

Meaning of criticize in Hindi is : समीक्षा करना

Definition of word criticize

  • to find fault (with something) (verb)
  • to evaluate (something), and judge its merits and faults (verb)

Examples of word criticize

    • Republicans, by taking the House, are going to be forced into "having a dog in the fight" instead of being able to merely criticize from the sidelines as the "Party of 'No,'" because they're going to be the ones to produce legislation and budgets, instead of having the luxury of just opposing everything the other party comes up with.
    • What I criticize is the "do as I say, not as I do" hypocrisy that characterizes liberal approaches to education.
    • A party that has zero solutions and can only criticize is destined for failure.
    • They have become so paralyzed as a Party all they can do is criticize from the sidelines.
    • It's the only thing anyone can grab onto and criticize from a very qualified individual. look at the rest of her judicial record. you may not agree with some of her decisions, but that doenst make her unqualified to be a supreme court justice.


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