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What is the meaning of croak in Hindi?

Meaning of croak in Hindi is : मर जाना

Definition of word croak

  • A faint, harsh sound made in the throat. (noun)
  • The cry of a frog or toad. (see also ribbit) (noun)
  • To make a croak. (verb)
  • Of a frog, to make its cry. (verb)
  • To die. (verb)
  • Of a raven, to make its cry. (verb)
  • To kill someone or something. (verb)

Examples of word croak

  • Off out for coffee tonight!! hopefully my voice isnt TOO humourous for convo making. * croak croak*
  • I guess having a frog for a state amphibian would make sense because with the above noted legislation the economic climate in this state will croak from the increased tax revenues required to pay for Olympia's continued foolishness.
  • a large company of rooks — & their croak is always in unison with mine.
  • But he didn't "croak" -- instead, he waxed stronger, and toward evening the pangs of hunger and thirst drove him to consider means for escaping from his hiding place, and searching for food and water.
  • It was plain that this person, in the course of her reflections on life, was regarding her own case, and had arrived at the conviction that in order to preserve herself from the mockeries of life, she was not in a position to do anything else but simply "croak" -- to use her own expression.


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