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What is the meaning of croaking in Hindi?

Meaning of croaking in Hindi is : गुर्राने का शब्द

Definition of word croaking

  • Present participle of croak. (verb)

Examples of word croaking

  • It made them strong and willful, and it made them blind and disfigured, and it spurred them to sing strange guttural songs in croaking voices that haunted the American night.
  • Of course, those who are familiar with our ways of getting things done would understand that a good deal of the croaking is a means of getting our little army increased, or at least preventing its being diminished.
  • Actually what this book is a catalog of "croaking".
  • But if protests were made to McNaghten - and they were, especially by active men like Broadfoot - they were dismissed as "croaking", and it was pointed out sharply that the army was unlikely to be called on to fight anyway.
  • What "croaking" meant Jamie did not in the least know, but he suspected that it referred to something not in the least pleasant for himself.