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What is the meaning of croc in Hindi?

Meaning of croc in Hindi is :

Definition of word croc

  • A crocodile. (noun)

Examples of word croc

  • An interesting fact I'd like to share with here, in middle French the term croc or croche stands for hook Precise history narration is not as easy task, yet from evidence available as ...
  • The only way to kill a giant croc, is to have Gary Busey choke-fuck it.
  • Make sure the croc is dead before you make boots out of it.
  • Basically Unlike the western world the Japanese preserves there culture (Art I am talking about). you can also see the images on the condoms that could be deemed as rasist in croc pop place like USA.
  • The croc is in the care of veterinarians under the supervision of the Department of Agriculture, but is being housed at Boatswain’s Beach.


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