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What is the meaning of crock in Hindi?

Meaning of crock in Hindi is : रंग छोड़ना

Definition of word crock

  • A stoneware or earthenware jar or storage container. (noun)
  • A piece of broken pottery, a shard. (noun)
  • A person who is physically limited by age, illness or injury. (noun)
  • An old or broken-down vehicle (and formerly a horse). (noun)
  • Silly talk, a foolish belief, a poor excuse, nonsense. (noun)
  • To break something or injure someone. (verb)
  • To transfer coloring through abrasion from one item to another. (verb)
  • To cover the drain holes of a planter with stones or similar material, in order to ensure proper drainage. (verb)
  • To store (butter, etc.) in a crock. (verb)

Examples of word crock

  • The au jus and little bits of meat and veggies left in the crock is an excellent starter for a pot of vegetable soup also.
  • What a crock is accurate – but only when describe this stupid and trite response on your part.
  • Then marinade them, then cook in crock pot for about half a day. its gonna taste nice!
  • Dishes were stacked on the dining room table, and the soups in crock pots and salad were served from the kitchen counter directly opposite.
  • My grandmother saved everything, and one of my sweetest treasures is an old Win Schuler Bar Cheez crock from the grocery store.


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