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What is the meaning of crookedness in Hindi?

Meaning of crookedness in Hindi is : वक्रता

Definition of word crookedness

  • The state of being crooked (noun)

Examples of word crookedness

  • Now sticks are bent by the fire, because that draws the moisture, and so the crookedness is a violent distortion; but the natural heat nourishes and preserves the body.
  • He may be innocent of one kind of crookedness, and be so mixed up in another that he cannot prove he is innocent of either.
  • In the many poolrooms then existing throughout the country and especially in the larger cities great sums of money were wagered on the result of the various contests, and as a result "crookedness" on the part of various players was being charged, and though these charges were vigorously denied by those interested the denials carried but little weight in view of the in-and-out performances of the teams in which they were engaged.
  • He had one redeeming feature, however -- a pair of blue eyes that looked straight at you and made you feel that there was no "crookedness" behind them.
  • "crookedness" of others 'crooked little homes and cats, and straighten our own soap dishes every time we pass them?


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