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What is the meaning of crotchety in Hindi?

Meaning of crotchety in Hindi is : सनकी

Definition of word crotchety

  • Cranky, disagreeable, or stubborn, especially if prone to odd whims or fancies. (adjective)

Examples of word crotchety

  • It's what I call a crotchety conscience -- always in the way of your doing anything like anybody else.
  • Yeah, the clothes alone would put the crotch in crotchety.
  • Most recently, Boyle was known as the crotchety father on the television comedy series Everybody loves Raymond.
  • But the actor, best known as crotchety one-legged pensioner Winston from Still Game, is delighted to have come through the eventful season with what he believes is a fantastic second series of his hit sitcom.
  • He sure isn't doing anything to help erase that "crotchety" image, huh.


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