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What is the meaning of crowd in Hindi?

Meaning of crowd in Hindi is : समूह

Definition of word crowd

  • To push, to press, to shove. (verb)
  • To press or drive together; to mass together. (verb)
  • To fill by pressing or thronging together; hence, to encumber by excess of numbers or quantity. (verb)
  • To press by solicitation; to urge; to dun; hence, to treat discourteously or unreasonably. (verb)
  • To approach another ship too closely when it has right of way (verb)
  • To press together or collect in numbers; to swarm; to throng (verb)
  • To urge or press forward; to force one's self; as, a man crowds into a room (verb)
  • (of a square-rigged ship) (transitive) To carry excessive sail (verb)
  • A group of people congregated or collected into a close body without order. (noun)
  • Several things collected or closely pressed together; also, some things adjacent to each other. (noun)
  • The so-called lower orders of people; the populace, vulgar. (noun)
  • A group of people united or at least characterised by a common interest. (noun)
  • A crwth, an Ancient Celtic plucked string instrument. (noun)
  • A fiddle. (noun)
  • To play on a crowd; to fiddle. (verb)

Examples of word crowd

  • The term "crowd pleaser" is a real backhanded compliment in comedy, being associated with stale, hackneyed, button-pushing routines.
  • This crowd is armed with clubs and swords (Mark and Matthew) or lanterns, torches and weapons (John 18: 3, brilliantly deploying the fear-laden backdrop of darkness, into which John so memorably has Judas vanishing earlier the same evening).
  • "Because it's Monday and it's a school day, the crowd is a lot smaller, (but) it appears a lot of people aren't going to work or school," said Los Angeles County lifeguard Capt.
  • With so many people documenting what's really happening, for example, the power of the crowd is actually very important and I think that in the end hopefully there is always going to be more of us than "them."
  • "In football, you say the crowd is the 12th man, and the crowd here was definitely the seventh man in this game," said Carter, who plays for the Anaheim Ducks.


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