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What is the meaning of crowne in Hindi?

Meaning of crowne in Hindi is :

Definition of word crowne

  • Obsolete spelling of crown. (noun)

Examples of word crowne

  • _ Or to call the top of a tree, or of a hill, the crowne of a tree or of a hill: for in deede _crowne_ is the highest ornament of a Princes head, made like a close garland, or els the top of a mans head, where the haire windes about, and because such terme is not applyed naturally to a tree or to a hill, but is transported from a mans head to a hill or tree, therefore it is called by _metaphore_, or the figure of _transport_.
  • There is also another litle sort of mony, round, hauing on the one side a crosse, and on the other side a crowne, which is woorth one halfe a tanga of good money, and another of the same stampe lesse than that which they call Imitiuo de buona moneda, which is worth 18 basaruches 3 fourth parts a piece.
  • A "crowne" orcorona is a series of short poems, such as sonnets, linked by the last line of each serving as the first line of the following, with the last line of the last poem reprising the first line of the first, closing the circle.
  • Al were he mitre, crowne, or diademe. posted by Heo at 11:52 PM
  • Microsoft should rename itself Bing reply thomas crowne