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What is the meaning of cruel in Hindi?

Meaning of cruel in Hindi is : भयानक

Definition of word cruel

  • Not nice; mean; heartless. (adjective)
  • Cool; awesome; neat. (adjective)
  • To spoil or ruin (one's chance of success) (verb)

Examples of word cruel

  • "Mamma! what a cruel, _cruel_ wretch!" cried Walter.
  • "Godo --" she began; and she cast herself on the lounge that Maxwell had vacated, and plunged her face in the pillow and sobbed, "Oh, cruel, cruel, _cruel_!
  • Whoever assigned eight A.M. for Molecular Biology 201 gave new meaning to the term cruel and unusual punishment.
  • Obama employs the word cruel and its derivatives no fewer than fourteen times in Dreams.
  • The term cruel includes the concept of intent - an intention to inflict pain and/or suffering.


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