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What is the meaning of cruelty in Hindi?

Meaning of cruelty in Hindi is : हिंसा

Definition of word cruelty

  • an indifference to suffering or positive pleasure in inflicting suffering. (noun)
  • a cruel act (noun)

Examples of word cruelty

    • It's the lives ruined through blunders -- it's the cruelty -- the needless _cruelty_ of it all. "
    • This cruelty is a dead give-away of who these people really are.
    • Before posting I asked several readers if I was going overboard with the word "cruelty."
    • I never used the word cruelty, Ginor returned, saying that even the most idyllic farm would be a four or five because at the end of the day the ducks, the animals are being killed for food, manipulated in some way by being put here and put there and moved around.
    • But just within the first 10 days, they have found evidence of what they call the cruelty of the Iraqi regime.


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