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What is the meaning of crush in Hindi?

Meaning of crush in Hindi is : स‌ंमर्दन करना

Definition of word crush

  • A violent collision or compression; a crash; destruction; ruin. (noun)
  • Violent pressure, as of a moving crowd; a crowd which produced uncomfortable pressure; as, a crush at a reception. (noun)
  • A short-lived and unrequited love or infatuation; the object of this infatuation. (noun)
  • A violent crowding (noun)
  • A crowd control barrier (noun)
  • A standing stock or cage with movable sides used to restrain livestock for safe handling (noun)
  • A party, festive function (noun)
  • To press or bruise between two hard bodies; to squeeze, so as to destroy the natural shape or integrity of the parts, or to force together into a mass. (verb)
  • To reduce to fine particles by pounding or grinding; to comminute. (verb)
  • To overwhelm by pressure or weight; to beat or force down, as by an incumbent weight. (verb)
  • To oppress or burden grievously. (verb)
  • To overcome completely; to subdue totally. (verb)
  • To be or become broken down or in, or pressed into a smaller compass, by external weight or force (verb)
  • To feel infatuation with or unrequited love for. (verb)
  • to defeat emphatically (verb)

Examples of word crush

  • Besides that, I hated the word crush, a pink candy word, a frosting word, something for giggly girls who wrote their name with his surrounded by a heart.
  • What they would be expecting then is what they call crush injuries, and that could be broken bones, anything that happens by people being buried underneath rubble: kidney failure, dehydration and the like.
  • And even if I did find them all, your definition of "crush" is probably different than mine.
  • I just discovered her post on Queer women, slash, etc, and am quite ridiculously in crush with her.
  • It is undisputed that the conduct depicted in crush videos may constitutionally be prohibited.


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