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What is the meaning of cry in Hindi?

Meaning of cry in Hindi is : हाँक

Definition of word cry

  • To shed tears; to weep. (verb)
  • To shout, scream, yell. (verb)
  • A shedding of tears; the act of crying. (noun)
  • A shout or scream. (noun)
  • Words shouted or screamed. (noun)
  • A group of hounds. (noun)
  • A typical sound made by the species in question. (noun)
  • A desperate or urgent request. (noun)

Examples of word cry

  • He may only cry in the wilderness, but at all events he will _cry_, and he will cry of that highest thing his heart knows.
  • Often I wer so tired that Father'd hae to call me a dozen times afore I cude wake up, an 'then I'd cry, _cry_, if I wer ten minutes laate to work -- when I had summut to du on land, that was.
  • It isn't that these old arms ache for them, that this rather tired heart weakens when they cry for God knows what, and modern science says let them _cry_!
  • I didn't do anything but cry -- _cry_, Harold, just as if I didn't like things.
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