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What is the meaning of crying in Hindi?

Meaning of crying in Hindi is : रुदन

Definition of word crying

  • That demands action or attention. (adjective)
  • That deserves rebuke or censure. (adjective)
  • Action of the verb to cry. (noun)
  • Present participle of cry. (verb)

Examples of word crying

  • i bet the xbots are crying "how come they don't make something like that on our Red Ring System just because it messes up in 2 weeks doesn't mean they cant put it on ours too. * crying. *crying*"
  • I ended up calling her crying from a hotel room in Miami like, "I really love you and miss you," and I don't even remember what it was about but it's hard when you lose a girlfriend.
  • The natives asserted that they were produced by the inhabitants of shells, and they showed us some which they called the crying shells, from which they asserted the sounds proceeded.
  • State Environmental Protection Department spokesman Larry Ragonese says neighbors reported what they described as "crying" by the tortoises and were feeding them.
  • Dear Editor: Isn't this what they call a crying shame?


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