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What is the meaning of cryptographic in Hindi?

Meaning of cryptographic in Hindi is : गूढ़ालेखी

Definition of word cryptographic

  • Relating to cryptography. (adjective)

Examples of word cryptographic

  • Freedom to Tinker is reporting that two groups have signifcantly damaged the current leaders in cryptographic hashes.
  • Well, those of you who know anything about cryptography know that it’s not only possible to encipher an informative text with a certain cryptographic key, but to embed information in the key itself.
  • His tasking would have continued as a technician assigned to maintain cryptographic machines which form a secure link in the Navy’s communications environment.
  • For years, I have said that the easiest way to break a cryptographic product is almost never by breaking the algorithm, that almost invariably there is a programming error that allows you to bypass the mathematics and break the product.
  • Distin as he wrote in a character that might have been called cryptographic, for it would have defied any one but the writer to have made it out.


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