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What is the meaning of cryptography in Hindi?

Meaning of cryptography in Hindi is : बीज लेखन

Definition of word cryptography

  • The discipline concerned with communication security (eg, confidentiality of messages, integrity of messages, sender authentication, non-repudiation of messages, and many other related issues), regardless of the used medium such as pencil and paper or computers. (noun)

Examples of word cryptography

  • “The cryptography is simply not fit for purpose,” security consultant Adam Laurie told the Telegraph.
  • He also relates his subsequent work in cryptography with Steve Pohlig (the Pohlig-Hellman system) and others.
  • This approach is the brainchild of Silvio Micali, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and his colleague Ronald L. Rivest, a professor who is well known in cryptography circles as one of the technologists behind the creation of RSA Security, a global Internet security company.
  • In security terms, he explained, cryptography is classed as a protective counter-measure.
  • Defenders of PGP and other forms of encryption rallied behind Zimmerman and made his case a cause célèbre, arguing that the expression of ideas in cryptography, like any other form of expression, is protected by the First Amendment.


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