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What is the meaning of cryptology in Hindi?

Meaning of cryptology in Hindi is : गुप्त विद्या

Definition of word cryptology

  • The practice of analysing encoded messages, in order to decode them. (noun)
  • Secret or enigmatical language. (noun)

Examples of word cryptology

    • Intelligence historian David Kahn spent hours patiently instructing me in the finer points of World War II tactical intelligence, cryptology, and German spying.
    • The next two or three years will give you the chance to specialise a bit more, perhaps in cryptology, group theory, fluid dynamics, mathematical biology or Bayesian statistics.
    • His forte being science, engineering and technological research and design, he has spent his life up to now working on advanced military projects, cryptology and in time, space and propulsion think tanks.
    • Criteria for detecting intelligent design are employed in SETI, cryptology, forensic science, etc.
    • Treason, double agency, counter-espionage, cryptology, code breaking … all are linked to the study of Shakespeare.