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What is the meaning of cuirass in Hindi?

Meaning of cuirass in Hindi is : वक्षःस्थल का कवच

Definition of word cuirass

  • A piece of defensive armor, covering the body from the neck to the girdle. (noun)
  • The breastplate taken by itself. (noun)

Examples of word cuirass

    • Primitive armour was based on a leather foundation, hence the name cuirass, was derived from _cuir_ (leather).
    • The cuirass was the parade one; the one he had used in battle was too worn and hacked to match the splendors around.
    • Persian; and there the Circassian* with his long hair and chain cuirass.
    • Golden, in his _Five Nations_, writes of the Red Indians as wearing "a kind of cuirass made of pieces of wood joined together."
    • Their bodies were protected by a vest of quilted cotton, impervious to light missiles, and over this the chiefs wore mantles of gorgeous feather-work, and the richer of them a kind of cuirass of gold or silver plates.


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