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What is the meaning of cul de sac in Hindi?

Meaning of cul de sac in Hindi is : बन्द गली

Definition of word cul de sac

  • Alternative spelling of cul-de-sac. (noun)

Examples of word cul de sac

  • But I think we can all agree that such rudeness is endemic to travel these days. culdesac Says:
  • I enforce them just about daily, as we have some neighborhood kids who congregate here middle house on the culdesac.
  • One of the best things about living where I do (on a flat culdesac where you can see every house) is that my 8 year old can have a good amount of freedom but be fairly safe and somewhat visible.
  • Growing up, 4 of the 22 people living on my culdesac (with only 5 houses) had a birthday on July 6. —
  • Maybe they'll arrive here and play in my culdesac someday?
  • We wanted more spontaneous play outside for our kids and that's definitely happened, but there are some kids in our neighborhood who at age 4 and 5 have some activity to go to almost every single day after school and I know that they are really missing out by not becoming involved in the culdesac parades, hide and seek and chalk drawing that is almost always happening outside.
  • For example, I live on a culdesac and whenever I access MapQuest the first thing it tells me is to go down an alley rather than out to the street.
  • One of our neighbors (we live in a town house neighborhood, so there are many neighbors in our culdesac and I don't think we've even met them all, let alone know them) dropped by in the afternoon to drop off a piece of mail that was accidently put in our box.
  • Crooks 6.279 speaks of a case in which the stomach of an infant terminated in a culdesac.
  • Morisani 3.37 describes a case of extrauterine pregnancy with tubal rupture and discharge into the culdesac, in which there was delivery by the rectum.


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