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What is the meaning of cul in Hindi?

Meaning of cul in Hindi is :

Definition of word cul

Examples of word cul

  • All they have to do is reject such allegations, leaving us nowhere except in a name calling cul-de-sac.
  • Canvassing lists should be sorted by side of street in cul-de-sac or one-way road situations; and climbing numbers when you are making a loop.
  • Whoa, was that com­men­tary writ­ten by a nine year old girl, or an aspir­ing PhD in cul­tural studies?
  • We should note that the u in Latin culÄ«na and derivatives is short.
  • One-way streets intersect with two-way streets, dead-ending in cul-de-sacs that turn around into glorietas, - traffic circles going nowhere.


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