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What is the meaning of culling in Hindi?

Meaning of culling in Hindi is :

Definition of word culling

  • Present participle of cull. (verb)
  • The act of culling; the process of selecting for acceptance or removal. (noun)
  • Anything separated or selected from a mass. (noun)

Examples of word culling

  • Well, we have to keep executing same game plan which we have in place today, which is to continue to focus on our operational efficiencies, continue to focus on pricing improvements and then not and I don't want to use the word culling, but continue to work on our network balance and making sure we are putting freight in the right lanes and perhaps taking some freight out of some lanes where we have some balance situations.
  • In what the Service is calling a "clarification" of its release, the NPS said it doesn't intend to impose a lead ban on hunters and anglers by 2010, only upon its staff members in culling operations.
  • In 2009, we will transition to non-lead ammunition in culling operations and dispatching sick or wounded animals.
  • I know not the science of these things but I wonder how much of the budget of the IAH has been applied to improving the detection of and rapid diagnosis of FMD and by rapid I mean such rapid diagnosis that means many more herds can be saved before the nihilistic step of culling is taken.
  • For the record: after the Horn Book has finished with its reviews, and the publishing season has passed, we cherry-pick titles to keep in our collection (everything reviewed in the Magazine and a culling from the Guide), give some away, make "creative art" projects out of others, consign some to a Wall of Shame, and sell the rest as a lot to a used-book wholesaler.


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