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What is the meaning of culls in Hindi?

Meaning of culls in Hindi is :

Definition of word culls

  • Any refuse stuff. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of cull. (verb)

Examples of word culls

  • Most everything he culls from the comments of those with whom he disagrees involves misquotations ranging the entire gamut from distortion to creative fiction and he seems to toss them out as effortlessly as if he were some sort of omnisexual sea plant and they were a limitless supply of dark spores from his own fronds.
  • Some managed hunts - "culls" - by sharpshooters have been conducted during the last two years on the American side of Lake Erie, at West Sister Island, Green Island, and Turning Point Island.
  • It seems that every time we hear about "culls" that are supposed to restore "balance" to animal populations, it's a misguided effort, often with disastrous results.
  • This was particularly true of the Canby sale, where the "culls," both in horses and cattle, were better than the best animals of the majority of the small stockmen and ranchers.
  • Prevost, after allowing for all other duties, had at least seven thousand veterans for an assault on Macomb's second-rate regulars and ordinary militia, both of whom together amounted at most to thirty-five hundred, including local militiamen who had come in to reinforce the 'culls' whom Izard had left behind.


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