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What is the meaning of culminate in Hindi?

Meaning of culminate in Hindi is : समाप्त होना

Definition of word culminate

  • Of a heavenly body, to be at the highest point, reach its greatest altitude. (verb)
  • To reach the (physical) summit, highest point, peak etc. (verb)
  • To reach a climax; to come to the decisive point (especially as an end or conclusion). (verb)
  • To finalize, bring to a conclusion, form the climax of. (verb)

Examples of word culminate

  • "What this will do - and I hate to use the word culminate - but this will culminate in a strategic plan and then go into an implementation phase.
  • Stalls for the thirty-eight-member choir face the congregation, and vaulted ceilings culminate in a magnificent triangular stained glass window—the only artwork in sight.
  • By the way, I'm delighted that similar public-engagement strategies will be broadly leveraged during the USA Science & Engineering Festival, which will culminate October 23-24 with an expo on the National Mall.
  • "The whole thing will culminate in New York," Ms. McGregor said.
  • "Deal flow has returned since July ... and most of the deals will culminate into orders in October-February," HCL Technologies Chief Executive Vineet Nayar told reporters at a news conference.


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