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What is the meaning of curiosity in Hindi?

Meaning of curiosity in Hindi is : जिज्ञासा

Definition of word curiosity

Examples of word curiosity

  • In turning now more particularly to the work, or rather compilation, of Dr. Bisset Hawkins, let us see whether we cannot discover among what he terms "marks of haste" in getting it up for "the curiosity of the public" (_curiosity_, Dr. Hawkins!), some omissions of a very important nature on the subject of a disease respecting which, we presume, he wished to enlighten the public.
  • The word curiosity is related to the words cure, care, careful, and accuracy.
  • In a quarter-page interview in Business 2.0, Diller mentions the word curiosity six times, and at his first mention of the word he ties the effectiveness of curiosity to the fusion of openness and order—trait curiosity.
  • But Washington was prompted to ask: “Pray, would not the word curiosity answer as well?”
  • This is the true ground to assign for the genuine scientific passion, however manifested, and for culture, viewed simply as a fruit of this passion; and it is a worthy ground, even tho we let the term curiosity stand to describe it.


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