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What is the meaning of curled in Hindi?

Meaning of curled in Hindi is :

Definition of word curled

  • Simple past tense and past participle of curl. (verb)

Examples of word curled

  • All he remembered was spending the rest of the 1930S and the war in the corner of a bar down on West 59th called the Unforeseen where the name curled out of the wall above the door.
  • Benny, Ana had said, his name curled forward by the rising Santa Anas.
  • No smoke curled from the chimney, not a barnyard fowl clucked and strutted.
  • Smoke still curled from the barrel of the shotgun in his hands, and water dripped from the stock.
  • Skating on a two-man advantage 3 minutes later, an open Bergeron curled from the left post and snapped a low shot past Norrena to give the Bruins a two-goal lead with his 12th.


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