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What is the meaning of curlew in Hindi?

Meaning of curlew in Hindi is : गुलिन्दा

Definition of word curlew

  • Any of several migratory wading birds in the genus Numenius of the family Scolopacidae, remarkable for their long, slender, downcurved bills. (noun)

Examples of word curlew

  • The screaming of the curlew is faintly heard even at this distancehe continues to ascend, and the hawk persevere's in her spiral motion, until she has gain'd the upper flight, then hovering makes a pounce swift as lightening on the exhausted curlew, and closing her wings both fall together, until within thirty or forty yards of the ground, when opening them she is by the resisting air brought upper:
  • Except these, the plover and the curlew are the only inhabitants until you come to the Chesterfield high road.
  • The curlew is the most conspicuous; indeed its loud, incessant clamor, its erect carriage, and the intense curiosity which possesses it, and which makes it come up to circle around any strange object, all combine to make it in springtime one of the most conspicuous features of plains life.
  • We saw in the plains vast quantities of buffaloe, a number of small birds, and the large brown curlew, which is now sitting, and lays its eggs, which are of a pale blue with black-specks, on the ground without any nest.
  • The curlew is a bird my father used to see a lot but these days not so much, we occasionally see small flocks near home now - they seem common here which makes me happy.


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