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What is the meaning of curly in Hindi?

Meaning of curly in Hindi is : पेचदार

Definition of word curly

  • Having curls (adjective)
  • a person or animal with curly hair. (noun)

Examples of word curly

  • At the end of a further short period this develops into a light curly mass (_cauliflower_ or _curly head_), which gradually becomes lighter and more solid in appearance, and is then known as _rocky head_.
  • And these two are killers: Storm wild eye seeker shad and white bass assasin curly shad on a small gamakatsu swimbait hook.
  • I do not have much hair anyway, so make me look like Curly, and show me the script!! alan you can put to play curly he look like curly is johnny salami steveorth
  • With large dark eyes, olive complexion, and hair in curly dark ringlets, he was a striking young man.
  • Photo: Entrepreneur Ouidad, who owns a salon that specializes in curly hair in Manhattan.


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