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What is the meaning of curved in Hindi?

Meaning of curved in Hindi is : वक्र

Definition of word curved

  • Having a curve or curves. (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of curve. (verb)

Examples of word curved

    • Words like bjúgaldin, a banana, which literally translates as curved fruit are examples of purisms that are laughed at, but what most people don't know is that in some Bantu languages in Africa the first element of the word banana means ‘curved'.
    • The August issue of Scientific American explains how it is possible to swim in curved space-time, and it seems that a tripodal creature, not totally dissimilar in motion to a toad swimming backwards, is ideal for this type of activity.
    • There's nothing grand about it, just a set of pillars carefully constructed in curved bricks holding up a roof of Collyweston slates with a ball and cross finial on top.
    • Western Neon not only makes signs but also designs subtle interior lighting, using neon in curved ceiling recesses, for restaurants and other businesses.
    • Research applying topology to Heisenberg's Uncertainty Relation in curved spaces.


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