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What is the meaning of curving in Hindi?

Meaning of curving in Hindi is : वक्रण

Definition of word curving

  • Present participle of curve. (verb)
  • The action of the verb to curve. (noun)
  • That curves or curve. (adjective)

Examples of word curving

  • Conchas are usually scored both lengthwise and crosswise, but may also be scored in curving parallel lines to resemble scallop shells, or in concentric circles.
  • - the Anglosphere or the Arc of English curving from the UK through CONUS and down to Australia and NZ but NOT including the Zone which is still seen by the Temps as a necessary evil - much like how Kiwis view Auckland;
  • Hitler spoke in the grand Lowenbrau beerhall, which had a tower with the word LOWENBRAU curving around it and a chandelier inside.
  • The lines of stratification have been described as curving so as to correspond with the shape of the mound, and such we are told is the general rule.
  • If she finds leaves of the proper size, of a dry texture capable of defying the damp and of a suppleness favourable to cylindrical curving, that is all she asks; and the rest does not matter.


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