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What is the meaning of cuspid in Hindi?

Meaning of cuspid in Hindi is :

Definition of word cuspid

  • A tooth with a single cusp; a canine. (noun)

Examples of word cuspid

  • Aluminum sculpture of the Virgen of Quito at the cuspid of El Panecillo.
  • My 4 month old has his upper left cuspid poking threw, and no other teeth yet.
  • I watch the blood soak the front of my nightgown and the cuspid that cuts like a knife.
  • That small purple ring on the gum of the cuspid in the case first mentioned would eventually have led to the loss of the whole set, if left to work its way unopposed.
  • But, fortunately, there were cavities in the two teeth on either side of the gap -- one in the first molar and one in the palatine surface of the cuspid; might he not drill a socket in the remaining root and sockets in the molar and cuspid, and, partly by bridging, partly by crowning, fill in the gap?


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