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What is the meaning of cussed in Hindi?

Meaning of cussed in Hindi is :

Definition of word cussed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of cuss. (verb)
  • Ill-tempered, nasty, obstinate. (adjective)
  • Very, cussedly, accursedly. (adverb)

Examples of word cussed

  • Only thing, she calls a cussed old catfish a 'poisson.'
  • From the Whiskey Rebellion to the Know-Nothings to the reborn Militias of the 1990s, the eastern establishment has always had reason to fear the expression of a certain kind of cussed American individualism that rebels against what it sees as the encroachments of the state.
  • But it must be admitted that the sympathies and hopes of all in the Frolic centered in the Yale shell; a Yale coach had drilled and scolded and "cussed" and petted the Navy boys to victory only a few weeks before, and Ralph, if no one else, felt that all his future rested in the ability of that Yale coach "to knock some rowing sense into his block."
  • (Loud applause) A race, which stubbornly refuses to look at the map until its business has been done, and which after all has a straightforward-I speak in the presence of a Bishop - "cussed" honesty about it.
  • Of course she was very indignant and scolded them, Goliah specially, whereupon Goliah's sister Catty, who is well named, being of a feline nature in the worst sense of the word, had broken out and "cussed" her outrageously.


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