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What is the meaning of cyclical in Hindi?

Meaning of cyclical in Hindi is : चक्रीय

Definition of word cyclical

  • recurring at regular intervals (adjective)

Examples of word cyclical

  • America's official unemployment rate remains stubbornly near 10%, the real unemployment rate is likely well north of 20% and neither the president nor any of the major presidential challengers appear to understand this essential truth: Our malaise is NOT simply a short term cyclical problem amenable to even more profligate Democratic stimulus or knee jerk Republican flat taxes.
  • Some of the experts call it cyclical, others say it is structural, and there are those who attribute it to being a combination of the two.
  • It is a concept that attempts to show whether government finances would be in balance if it weren't for short term cyclical factors like the current, protracted global economic slowdown.
  • Probably my favorite Scott Sumner post is the one where he offered what I called a cyclical monetary theory, meaning that monetary theory is itself cyclical.
  • "The recycling industry is what we call cyclical," Foss said.


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