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What is the meaning of cypher in Hindi?

Meaning of cypher in Hindi is : संकेताक्षर

Definition of word cypher

  • Alternative spelling of cipher. (noun)
  • Alternative spelling of cipher. (verb)

Examples of word cypher

    • My conclusion - apart from my long held one that this Brownose cypher is about the most overpromted politician in British history I can think of (still astonishingly Labour's UK General election coordinator and Minister for Overseas Development) - he (they) would do it all again, - the exact same were they ever given another chance.
    • The human cypher is trying to work in "Rubberstamp Reichert" into her campaign sound bites.
    • At that time, of course, we could not employ American radio operators as many of the messages had to be transmitted in cypher which only British personnel were allowed to handle since the Americans belonged to a neutral country.
    • Page 52 from Richmond to Canada, midnight interviews lurking spies, correspondence in cypher; a conspiracy against his life has long been maturing, in minds capable of such things, and finally the day is named, the place is appointed, and the parts of the bloody drama all distributed.
    • On examination of the evidence offered to the grand jury, the celebrated letter of Burr to Wilkinson, in cypher, which is herewith given, was laid before them by the General, who attended before them as a witness.


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