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What is the meaning of cypherpunk in Hindi?

Meaning of cypherpunk in Hindi is :

Definition of word cypherpunk

  • A person with an interest in encryption and privacy, especially one who uses encrypted email (noun)

Examples of word cypherpunk

  • St. Jude Milhon, a former Mondo 2000 editor and prominent hacker who coined the term "cypherpunk," passed away Saturday morning in Berkeley after a long battle with cancer.
  • Eric Hughes runs the "cypherpunk" mailing list dedicated to "discussion about technological defenses for privacy in the digital domain."
  • This guest posting ex-cypherpunk mordaxus at Emergent Chaos gets how judges think.
  • Hal Finney is not a household name, although he is a Name in one of the communities I have inhabited, the crypto/cypherpunk community.
  • And I thought that the cypherpunk movement was dead.


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