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What is the meaning of czarina in Hindi?

Meaning of czarina in Hindi is : ज़ारीना

Definition of word czarina

  • Alternative spelling of tsarina. (noun)

Examples of word czarina

  • To a certain extent undoubtedly this may be traced back to the new czar's personal relations with the rulers of other nations; for the czarina was a sister of
  • Brought into Barack Obama's inner circle as his "czarina" for energy and climate issues — a brand-new White House post — she is now mainly a back-room coordinator.
  • The same day, incoming budget director Peter Orszag turned 40 and Obama's climate-change "czarina," Carol Browner, turned 53.
  • White SeaWhite Sea is the electro creation of L.A.-based songstress and cellist/pianist Morgan Kibby, former czarina of The Romanovs.
  • As the czarina informed Diderot: "You work only on paper which accepts anything, is smooth and flexible and offers no obstacles either to your imagination or your pen, while I, poor empress, work on human skin, which is far more sensitive and touchy."


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