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What is the meaning of d in Hindi?

Meaning of d in Hindi is : डी

Definition of word d

  • The fourth letter of the basic modern Latin alphabet. (noun)
  • cardinal number five hundred (500). (noun)
  • the differential of a quantity (noun)
  • voiced alveolar plosive (noun)
  • The fourth letter of the English alphabet, called dee and written in the Latin script. (noun)
  • The ordinal number fourth, derived from this letter of the English alphabet, called dee and written in the Latin script. (noun)
  • died, death. (abbreviation)
  • declared; also abbreviated as dec (abbreviation)
  • a British penny; an old penny (the modern decimal penny being abbreviated p). (noun)
  • dice to use in a diceroll (noun)
  • penny, a measure of the size of nails (noun)

Examples of word d

  • "Och, to the d-- l with your manners honey," said he, clapping his two hands on my shoulders and pressing me down into the chair, "stay there since you're in it, and be d---- d to you."
  • Yes, I'll be G-- d d---- d, "and his arms came down slapping against his hips," let him off, with what? why a reprimand at dress parade, that isn't worth a d-- n as a punishment.
  • [Not to your distinct knowledge; but in all those who send people to 'the other place' for contempt of their interpretations, there is a lurking wish which is father to the thought; 'you _will_ be d---- d' and 'you _be_ d-- d' are Siamese twins].
  • I have heard the latter say, "d--- it, Sir, why do you not ride and head the hounds?" and he has frequently observed to me, and other sportsmen, "By G-d, that d---- d Parson stuffs himself so at master's table, that he is got as lazy as a cur."
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