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What is the meaning of dancer in Hindi?

Meaning of dancer in Hindi is : रंडी

Definition of word dancer

  • A person who dances, performs (a) dance(s). (noun)
  • A stripper. (noun)

Examples of word dancer

    • So, if you are seeing the dancer spin counter-clockwise (left brain), turn your head to the right, so the the dancer is the extreme left of your field of vision.
    • Shechter may be known primarily as a choreographer, and the advance publicity may have promised "bodies" on stage the word "dancer" was carefully avoided, yet the work has been primarily presented as a showcase for the 75-minute score that he's written - the raw material for his and Gormley's theatrical experiment.
    • The dancer is where the art lies, where discovery lives, where everything comes together, words and ideas in a swirl … there is form, rhythm, movement … there is meaning and beauty and immense satisfaction.
    • She is currently starring as Mrs. Poindexter and the main dancer in Langston in Harlem at Urban Stages in NYC.
    • The professional dancer is wearing a scarlet dress, and with one leg raised in the air, she is clutching Shem-Tov's waist – a typical ballroom dancing pose.


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