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What is the meaning of daring in Hindi?

Meaning of daring in Hindi is : हिम्मत

Definition of word daring

  • Present participle of dare. (verb)
  • Adventurous, willing to take on or look for risks. (adjective)
  • Courageous, or showing bravery (adjective)
  • Boldness (noun)

Examples of word daring

  • I totally admire your courage in daring to print the name X--- in your blog.
  • Daylight still engaged in daring speculations, as, for instance, at the impending outbreak of the Japanese-Russian War, when, in the face of the experience and power of the shipping gamblers, he reached out and clutched practically a monopoly of available steamer-charters.
  • Noted for his daring and success as a surgeon, through the days and weeks that followed Linday exceeded himself in daring and success.
  • "Gordon Brown looked freer at PMQs than I have ever seen him as he fiercely defended his anti-poverty credentials and attacked the Tories for their cheek in daring to take him on on this territory."
  • Presently it opened and disclosed fifty horsemen, gathered together to waylay merchants on the highway, and their captain, by name Kahrdash, was a lion in daring and dash; a furious lion who layeth knights flat as carpets in battle-crash. —


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