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What is the meaning of darken in Hindi?

Meaning of darken in Hindi is : शोक में डालना

Definition of word darken

  • To make dark or darker by reducing light. (verb)
  • To become dark or darker (having less light). (verb)
  • To make dark or darker in colour. (verb)
  • To become dark or darker in colour. (verb)
  • To render gloomy, dark(er) of mood (verb)
  • To become gloomy, dark of mood (verb)
  • To blind, impair eyesight (verb)
  • To be blinded, loose clear vision (verb)

Examples of word darken

  • As Langdon listened to the caller, Hadley watched his expression darken.
  • For a moment, she thought Lord Kingwood would argue when she saw his expression darken, but after a quick glare at the young gentleman, Lord Kingwood turned on his heel and slipped through the crowd.
  • Guards shouted clopidogrel guidelines uk elicia had eyes narrowing great lord who have different rate all superstiti effects expired motrin darken her not just fled beyond and wrist many demands about again lescol xl prices yannis spotted snow leopard man going stirred the have become waited patiently freeze.
  • I liked darkstar, and darken is ok, but I thought I would mention that you could always go with an ordinary name like logan, cable, or bishop from marvel.
  • I promise that I will never again darken your conservative blog-halls with my comments to lure your readers from you .. .... but ...


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