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What is the meaning of dauntless in Hindi?

Meaning of dauntless in Hindi is : निर्भीक

Definition of word dauntless

  • Invulnerable to fear or intimidation. (adjective)

Examples of word dauntless

  • I have seen you again + again at a time of confusion take the course almost blindly because long after your powers of ratiocination were exhausted you clung to the idea of dauntless courage.
  • Her reputation for complete indifference to admiration and her unvarying attitude towards men were as well known as her dauntless courage and obstinate determination.
  • "Their horses are also tired, and we may beat them yet," called the dauntless Masouda.
  • Saratoga with his shrill whistle and stentorian voice called his dauntless braves where the fight was thickest!
  • o 'fear made the blood tingle in his back, the women screaming, and the men crying, and the red blood flowing, and my father's sword dauntless in the van -- bring it back, McRae.


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