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What is the meaning of daur in Hindi?

Meaning of daur in Hindi is :

Definition of word daur

Examples of word daur

  • I'll carry ma lantern and daur defend ye agin ony enemy;and whilst there is breath in me, I'll blaw it intae ye.
  • Majesstikk Kittehz lubz t3h wawrm Sun andz kewl grass jusst lyke daur cuzzinz!
  • Mau mencoba bagaimana rasanya minum air dari proses daur ulang urin sendiri?
  • Tim astronot ini juga akan mengumpulkan sampel air daur ulang ke bumi untuk diteliti.
  • I daur ye, limmers that ye are, to name sic a word at my door-cheek!
  • ‘I daur ye to touch him,’ spreading abroad her long and muscular fingers, garnished with claws which a vulture might have envied.
  • "If they did," Thomas said, "I daur say _they_ had mair sinse than sit down to eat their dinner in the middle o 'snaw if they had a house to tak it in."
  • "Let them touch me that daur," he cried, taking up and carefully loading the same old musket with which he had shot the dog.
  • "Ye daur meddle wi 'me," said Sandy, leering at him, for he had tasted deep of the national fluid.
  • Then wha daur say we sudna lo'e the auld aik-tree?