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What is the meaning of day in Hindi?

Meaning of day in Hindi is : समय

Definition of word day

  • Any period of 24 hours. (noun)
    24 घंटे की कोई भी अवधि।
  • To spend a day (in a place). (verb)
    एक दिन बिताने के लिए (एक जगह पर)।

Examples of word day

  • Not an eventful day but a relaxing day… witch is what I need.
  • Then calculate the calorific value (per person per day) for each commodity (use Table 3) and fill the row “Targeted ration Kcal/person/day”
  • Which has been improved by some, on this side the water, into an excuse for getting drunk every day in the week, for fear that the _specific day_ should be missed.
  • The account closes the work of each day with the words: "_And the evening and the morning were the first day_," "_the second day_," etc.
  • Once more the evil in Velo's soul was crying to him, shouting to him, "This is your day -- _this is your day_!"
  • _For which cause we faint not; but, though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day_.
  • A little flock of these titmice came daily to pick a dinner out of my wood pile, or the crumbs at my door, with faint flitting lisping notes, like the tinkling of icicles in the grass, or else with sprightly _day day day_, or more rarely, in spring-like days, a wiry summery _phe-be_ from the wood-side.
  • _One day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day_.
  • Quite right, too; it wasn't an especially fine day; just _a day_.
  • Will it be called “day by day” when there will be one eternal day?