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What is the meaning of deadend in Hindi?

Meaning of deadend in Hindi is :

Definition of word deadend

  • Alternative spelling of dead-end. (noun)

Examples of word deadend

  • Sound the horn and stop the harnessed deadend trips.
  • These people are a genetic deadend and the modern world is passing them by …
  • A PDF of a scientific paper is a deadend, when really it should be linked to data, sources, citations, etc.
  • But we owe it to today's 5th graders to undo the deadend social designs of the post-war boom and, when its their time, equip them with the means to guide their world on a smarter path.
  • Tuesday, February 17 2009 jesse, while i agree with your analysis on the edge vs. 3g (w-cdma) situation, i believe we will see some lte deployment sooner rather than later. the reason is that 3gpp2 roadmap is a deadend. back then people were deploying 1xrtt and calling it 3g. the 3gpp2 operators have no path to go but lte.


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