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What is the meaning of dealings in Hindi?

Meaning of dealings in Hindi is : स‌ंव्यवहार

Definition of word dealings

  • Plural form of dealing. (noun)
  • relations with others (noun)
  • business transactions (noun)

Examples of word dealings

  • The record written by George Muller of the Lord's dealings reads, especially in parts, almost like an inspired writing, because it is simply the tracing of divine guidance in a human life -- not this man's own working or planning, suffering or serving, but the _Lord's dealings_ with him and workings through him.
  • This clip of children gleefully shouting their favorite euphemisms for their bathroom ... dealings comes from the Sesame Street potty-training DVD Elmo's Potty Time.
  • The hiring of Ms. White, who is representing J.P. Morgan in dealings with attorneys general in at least two states, is a sign of the legal strategy that is emerging as lenders and mortgage servicers gird themselves themselves for what is likely to be a contentious and complicated inquiry.
  • He said in dealings with regulators and TARP officials he lied about that same amount to try and get more money from TARP.
  • The proposed acquisition of discount carrier AirTran Holdings Inc. by larger rival Southwest Airlines Co. would combine two all-Boeing fleets, creating an airline likely to have more clout in dealings with aircraft maker Boeing Co.


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