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What is the meaning of dear in Hindi?

Meaning of dear in Hindi is : लाड़ला

Definition of word dear

  • Loved; lovable. (adjective)
    प्यार किया; प्यारा।
  • A very kind, loving person. (noun)
    एक बहुत ही दयालु, प्यार करने वाला व्यक्ति।
  • To endear. (verb)
    प्यार करने के लिए।

Examples of word dear

  • "And now, dear, _dear_ Mademoiselle de Charrebourg, I come into your presence, to learn how it fares with you."
  • "_May you never regret it, my dear, my dear_," said the lover on the stage.
  • "Oh, I entreat you -- I implore you, my dear, _dear_ --"
  • The man cried out: "Mother dear -- _Mother dear_!"
  • "Yes," replied Dexie, "they are rather dear, _dear shad_," and she looked intently at her plate, well knowing how Plaisted was glaring at her.
  • Amelia addressed him now, with an effect of angry mockery, as “my dear old Frank Bronson”; but that (without the mockery) was how the Amberson family almost always spoke of him: “dear old Frank Bronson.
  • "My dear, _dear_ friends!" he said, and stretched out both hands towards the company, as if to clasp them all to his heart.
  • She often called Nels "my dear" with a peculiar inflection on the _dear_ and an upward lilt of tone.
  • That was the line, the very sharp and impassable line she drew between her "dear, _dear_ Ellen", her "dearest Nel", and her sisters, Anne and Emily.
  • She had hurt his feelings by saying she wished she didn't have to live with him, and she had insulted his dear, dear, _dear_ picture!