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What is the meaning of dearness in Hindi?

Meaning of dearness in Hindi is : म‌ंहगाई

Definition of word dearness

  • The quality of having great value or price. (noun)

Examples of word dearness

  • Some of the epitaphs were beautiful, showing that tenderness for the friends who had died, that longing to do them justice, to fully acknowledge their virtues and dearness, which is so touching, and so unmistakable even under the stiff, quaint expressions and formal words which were thought suitable to be chiselled on the stones, so soon to be looked at carelessly by the tearless eyes of strangers.
  • Exemption from taxes will do little or nothing, the lower orders [end of page #249] are nearly all exempt, but that general dearness, that is the consequence of a general weight of taxes, is severely felt by them, and from that they cannot be exempted.
  • But then, proceeding in this way, shall we not arrive at some first principle of friendship or dearness which is not capable of being referred to any other, for the sake of which, as we maintain, all other things are dear, and, having there arrived, we shall stop?
  • For the highest Self pleased with the works of his devotees imparts to different things such dearness, i.e. joy-giving quality as corresponds to those works, that 'dearness' being bound in each case to
  • So, dear world, whose dearness I have never truly known, I bid you adieu.
  • He thought his dearness and devotion to his wife and daughter would be enough.
  • “No nation is drunken where wine is cheap, and none sober where the dearness of wine substitutes ardent spirits as the common beverage.”
  • That relatively low-yield process explains, in part, the dearness of the result.