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What is the meaning of debater in Hindi?

Meaning of debater in Hindi is : विवादी

Definition of word debater

  • One who debates or participates in a debate; one who argues. (noun)

Examples of word debater

  • What makes Christopher Hitchens such a capable and persuasive debater is a mixture of his ides, arguments, and charm.
  • She'd learn what a great debater is really all about.
  • Kossuth early made himself known as a debater, and gradually won his way upward, and became associated with the leading men of the Liberal party, many of whom were among the proudest and richest of the
  • A terrific debater, which is one of the things that made her so powerful politically in her own country.
  • The debater is a third personality type whose approach is likely to get in the way.