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What is the meaning of debonaire in Hindi?

Meaning of debonaire in Hindi is :

Definition of word debonaire

  • Alternative spelling of debonair. (adjective)

Examples of word debonaire

  • But what is lightsome and blithe in her, was debonaire in him.
  • Are people taking my comments more seriously now that I lost the bunny ears and now am the cool and debonaire ‘Face’?
  • He was best known for roles as Khan in Star Trek, Mr. Roarke on Fantasy Island, and being the most debonaire Mexican that ever lived.
  • We noticed a Spaniard of about 70, a small, debonaire chap, over the other side of the dance floor and he had a slip of a girl of about 60 in his arms and they moved beautifully - my jaw dropped.
  • P. S.JOE – did I tell you why the shrill “fat cat” – I swear he described himself that way – (he probably writes personal ads describing himself as “debonaire”!)
  • Liberal men are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wimpy (that†™ s “effeminate” for you liberal, “fat cat” debonaire types), they need their Amazon/granola ‘womyn†™ to fight the fight for them.
  • I think Micheline was going for a ruthless, debonaire Bondian approach in his portrayal of Tony Stark, but he seems like a violent kung fu synthesis of Larry Dallas, the scuzzy neighbor on Three's Company, Matthew McConaughy's character in Dazed & Confused, and Eric Roberts in Star 80.
  • I was calling him "Bugsy" instead, after the famously debonaire blue-eyed mobster.