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What is the meaning of deceive in Hindi?

Meaning of deceive in Hindi is : व‌ंचना करना

Definition of word deceive

  • To trick or mislead. (verb)

Examples of word deceive

  • I myself am very fond of the plain cheese pizza, but don't let the name deceive you.
  • Appearances, however, which have been deceptive before, may again deceive; and the history of nations teams with proofs that when once they have overstepped the bounds of reason, albeit with the purpose of returning when their ends shall have been accomplished, the very events which their own passion has produced frequently raise a barrier against their retreat, and nulla vestigia retrorsum becomes their doom.
  • Sinners herein deceive themselves, for, though the sentence be not executed speedily, it will be executed the more severely at last.
  • (don't let the name deceive you, it just monitors bandwidth of your phone's data connection, regardless of the way it connects, be it HSDPA, 3G, GPRS etc).
  • h. 264, "Ipod video" (. m4v): Don't let the name deceive you!


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