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What is the meaning of decent in Hindi?

Meaning of decent in Hindi is : सुघड़

Definition of word decent

  • Appropriate; suitable for the circumstances. (adjective)
  • Having a suitable conformity to basic moral standards; showing integrity, fairness, or other characteristics associated with moral uprightness. (adjective)
  • Sufficiently clothed or dressed to be seen. (adjective)
  • Fair; good enough; okay. (adjective)
  • Significant; substantial. (adjective)
  • Comely; shapely; well-formed. (adjective)

Examples of word decent

  • Old alligators -- one couldn't call you men, and it's enough to make decent men squirm that you should be at large and be called by the same name -- can act like you and yet be considered respectable, but this is to show you what _decent_ women think of your likes, and their spirits are with us in armies to-night in what we are doing.
  • "decent people" advisedly, for those who bring this kind of suit _are decent_, wishing to act honorably and kindly, and carrying out the always difficult severing of the marriage bond with as little pain as possible.
  • Astellas, which trades at below five times its earnings before interest, has bought back about 20% of its stock in the past seven years, Mr. de Lardemelle said, and has what he called a decent pipeline of drug development.
  • People ought to be cremated in what she calls decent privacy.
  • I am glad to hear that Peter B is happy with what he call a decent organisation, its nice to know that out of the multitude of unhappy residents that at least a few are getting some service, just check this blog to see how the numbers stack up.


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